So I Cover It With A Raider Hood


A clear handball by James Tonkins for the first penalty. Correct decision.

A clear foul by Andy Carroll on Simon Mingolet for West Ham’s equaliser which the linesman has a perfect view of and tells the referee about. Referee Anthony Taylor though wants his fifteen minutes of fame tomorrow and lets the goal stand. Incorrect decision.

West Ham goalkeepr Adrian cleanly gets to the ball but then a moment of stupidity happens as for no reason he stretches out his arm to catch and pull back on Jon Flanagan’s trailing leg, bringing him down. The referee awards a penalty. Correct decision.

So we have two correct decisions and one shocker that goes against us, yet Liverpool were apparently “lucky” and “cheated” to get the win.

Utter bollocks. We didn’t play well but we deserved to win. Roll on Manchester City next week, a game which surely will have a bag-full of goals…

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pussy game too strong


pussy game too strong

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